White Now


For a fresh, clean look I”m going with white polish this spring.


essie Blanc

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Size Matters



This boot is practically perfect for me.   A mid-heel (nearly extinct these days), a sleek design which fits under pants, cute tassel effect on the zipper.  And, they are only $49.99 at H&M.


There is only one problem and it’s a big one, or actually a small one.   They only make these size 9-1/2 or smaller.  Unfortunately, I cannot get my flippers into these lovelies.  I hope that one or more of you can.  xo

PS  Prada makes something equally as wonderful for $765 but they are nearly sold out.

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Wrist Scarf


Love this wrist scarf action.

Cheaper and more colorful than jewelry, too!


Surprisingly bandanas can be found at just about any drugstore worth its name.  They look look much better after you wash them.  Somehow the colors get richer.

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