A Comfort in Mind

A Comfort in Mind

A Comfort in MindWomen.. This five-letter word is what we usually hear from guys getting irritated with us girls when we are trying to choose a dress in the shopping mall. Well yes we are women, that’s us. I spend a lot of time planning what to buy for myself. The reason for this is that I want to make the best decision. I don’t want to waste my money in buying things that will make me feel odd every time I wear them. Boys can’t blame us because in buying things our main objective is to look beautiful for them. Having that comfort in mind.

Some people say, what we wear reflects our mood. This I think is right, I agree with them too. For me, it is what we call “being comfortable”. Let me give you an example. Think of someone that you look up to. Do you think they spend hours also in finding the best buys? Absolutely! Some of them surely have their own designers to make dresses for themselves such or top quality womens business suits.

Well, they have the luxury of money. What about us, who are average income earners. Practically, we don’t have extras in owning lots but we can have seven pieces to wear seven days a week.

Let’s take a look at women wearing a formally designed women’s suit. Our impression of them is that they are respectable, especially those who wear their suits well. As for me, a women’s suit will never be a great outfit, if you can’t match the suit to your mood. A comfort in mind. Although you may say that “I only have seven of these in my closet”, so what, the most important thing is that you are not tired of using it once a week because you love wearing it on your body. A tip, have some extra women’s suits in your closet for you to choose from. Having a hobby of collecting women’s suit is an investment, especially if you are involved in the business world.

As for my opinion, whatever you may want to keep as a hobby, what matters most is that you have that comfort in mind.

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