End Cosmetic Eye Issues

End Cosmetic Eye Issues

End Cosmetic Eye IssuesRecently, it has been in the news that Eye Pencils, Eye Shadows & Mascara’s can cause eye infections. In some cases, these infections can be long term and even life long. End Cosmetic Eye Issues

In the past, I have had issues with cosmetics and my eyes that resulted in corneal ulcers. That experience has taught me to always beware of the cosmetics I choose to apply around my eye area.

Powder Eye shadows with a high degree of mica (shimmer) should never be applied on the lid closest to your lashes. The mica can easily detach and become airborne thus landing in you eye and resulting in an infection. Consider using cream shadows as they adhere to the skin and stay where you put them. Currently, I use one that is waterproof and gives me added protection from movement.

Eye Pencils contain wax which will also cause irritation and redness. I would recommend that you never use a wax pencil on the lower lid inside the eye as that will produce the most risk for infection. If you have a steady hand then use a liquid eyeliner and preferably waterproof. The other products that make very good eyeliners are cream shadows applied with a brush.

Mascaras are a MAJOR culprit of eye infections. In my particular circumstance, it was TAR in the mascara that caused my problem. Most mascaras contain tar and plenty of women never have problems. Tar is the ingredient used to pump up the volume in your lashes. I achieve the same look by applying my current mascara twice while obtaining a piece of mind that I will not be at the Ophthalmologist office this week. End Cosmetic Eye Issues

Be sure to replace all eye products every 3 months. This is a legitimate recommendation because of eye product

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