Jewelry: Think Unique Christmas Gifts For Mom

Jewelry: Think Unique Christmas Gifts For Mom

Think Unique Christmas Gifts For MomIt’s Mom’s Turn for Bling Fashion

Jewelry: Think Unique Christmas Gifts For Mom are always young at heart and their innate love for fun and fashion has never dimmed with the years. But a tight household plus penny-pinching has left her to fantasize about the fabulous things she wants for herself.

This Christmas’s her turn to look just as fabulous. For her, make this year a unique Christmas. Gifts for mom can be extra sumptuous without breaking your bank. Specialty shops are teeming with great items you don’t usually find in most stores. You can find here a treasure trove of unique Christmas gifts for mom anytime but hurry before stocks are gobbled up by savvy shoppers.

What are up for grabs before the Christmas rush? Wearable art such as handcrafted freshwater pearl necklaces and turquoise earrings with the ethnic touch are a few examples of the exciting items you can find. These brands of jewelry will surely turn heads and your mom will love every detail of the necklace or bracelet you will choose for her.

Jewelry with Character

Women love jewelry, but jewelry with flair and character give the cutting edge anytime. You won’t go wrong with jewelry, especially ethnic jewelry and special wearable art using semi-precious stones that won’t go out of style. Diamonds and pearls are still top favorites but if you want something unique, Christmas gifts for mom can go up a notch.

Ethnic jewelry is matchless for its distinctive style and the use of folk art and home-grown resources such as wood. The use of wood and semi-precious stones and metals is fast becoming a jewelry fashion favorite.

Your mom will stand out in a crowd of moms if she sports a lovely pair of triangular dark sono wood earrings accented with sterling tendrils from designer Nyoman Rena, a gifted sculptor with an eye for details. Jewelry crafted Nyoman Rena are among the most sought pieces as they are the best of the unique Christmas gifts for mom and for all those mom milestones during a year.

Perhaps mom’s style will suit the Brazilian gold and palm bracelet from Claudio Bravo. Purple amethyst chunks weaved into the natural buriti palm also adorned with brass beads create stirring textures never before found in traditional jewelry. The whole piece is exquisitely divine you will covet one for your own collection.

Get Out of the Ordinary

Silvery moonstones (feldspar), deep purple amethysts, red-wine garnets, and shimmering rice pearls are matched with precious metals, palm, and wood for a stunning effect. True, these are not in the league of diamonds but these are as lovely when crafted by artistic hands. These are woven or added to the base to swirl, cascade, and ripple for that distinctive look in non-traditional jewelry fashion.

As early as now, start planning for those unique Christmas gifts for mom. Don’t give her another toaster or teapot. Your mom deserves a break from the usual gifts she gets year in and out. This time give her something unique. Christmas gifts for mom should get out of the ordinary, and let it happen now.

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