To Do Laser Hair Removal Or Not – That Is The Question

To Do Laser Hair Removal Or Not – That Is The Question

Laser Hair RemovalThe question is: should you do laser hair removal? The answer is a resounding yes! Laser hair removal is the wave of the future and unfortunately, unless something else comes along that is faster, easier and less expensive, it is here to stay.

Since the FDA approved laser hair removal in 1997, this technique has increasingly become very popular amongst the wannabee ‘hair free’ crowd. It has great results and is the cutting edge way to go if you are serious about getting rid of all that hair forever.

Laser hair removal has some competitors such as:

  1. Electrolysis – This was very big in the 1980s, but because it is very painful and can damage your skin, it is not very popular anymore and most have opted for laser hair removal. If you are a sensitive person and your skin is the same, don’t go near this type of hair removal treatment. And besides that, it is very expensive and most of the time, your hair grows back.
  2. Shaving – When we think of this form of hair removal, we think of women shaving their

underarms and legs and men shaving their face. But times have changed which is why laser removal is becoming so popular. Most people shave everywhere if they live in a culture that views a ‘hairless’ body as something beautiful. In the ’70s and ’80s, men who had a hairy chest were viewed as sexy and masculine. Today, most men shave or wax their chests and back. And women shave every inch of hair on their bodies except for their heads. For these people, laser removal is the definitive treatment of choice.

  1. Epilator – When this first came on the scene, it was thought that this was going to take the place of all hair removal treatments, but it didn’t happen that way. This process is very slow compared to laser hair removal and doesn’t work all of the time. Because it acts like waxing or shaving does and does not remove the hair root, the hair does grow back also.
  2. Plucking and tweezing – Although this is the oldest form of removing hair, it is still very popular, especially for eyebrows and upper lip areas for women. Laser removal is very fast on eyebrows and upper lip areas and after several treatments, the hair removal is permanent.

Laser hair removal, compared to the above, is fast, painless and permanent. It is the definite choice for hair removal in the 21st century.

Check out laser hair removal centers in your area and make appointments for a free consultation with a few of them. Ask questions such as price, do they have a no questions money-back guarantee, their certification, where they went to school for hair removal and how many treatments will it take to do the area you want to be treated.

Some laser removal centers will charge less if you do more than one area. And many, as mentioned above, will give you your money back or do free treatments if you are not satisfied or if the hair removal is not permanent.

hair removal is definitely the wave of the future. Check online for some treatment centers in your area or go to a site that you trust and click on links that they recommend. You will be so happy you made this step to remove your unwanted hair!

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