Wearing The Right Bra Means Great Breast Support

Wearing The Right Bra Means Great Breast Support

Right Bra Means Great Breast SupportThe early undergarments, such as brassieres and corsets, were used to make the waist extremely small and the breasts flat and formless. Luckily, these pieces of clothing are not in vogue anymore. Nowadays, bras and undergarments are created to protect and enhance the bust and support the upper torso. Gone are the days when you have to make your breasts as inconspicuous as possible and your waist as tiny as the circumference of a solo-sized pizza. Wearing The Right Bra Means Great Breast Support

But despite the recent technological advances in the bra industry, there are still a lot of women who do not know how to choose the right type, size, and cup to use. Hence, many are suffering in silence because their bras are small, deformed, and even unsightly. Perhaps, the average Jane is still not comfortable about asking the help of sales specialists in lingerie stores.

It is important to note that having ill-fitted bras and undergarments is not only an issue of beauty and appearance; it also poses some health risks, such as back pains, bruises, and other potentially serious diseases.

Six Signs That You Badly Need To Replace Your Bra

  1. You see red marks on your skin, particularly on the shoulders and at the back.
  2. Your bra makes you slouch.
  3. The centermost area of your bra does not reach your breastbone.
  4. Your boobs swing and bounce every time you move.
  5. The straps slip and fall off even after you tightened them.
  6. When you raise your arm, your bra also goes up and leaves your bust half covered.

The above signs show that your bra does not fit you properly nor does it give the right support; it may even cause unnecessary health risks.

Health Risks

Wearing a bra that does not fit your cup or band size can actually cause rashes, headache, neck pain, pulled ligaments and back problems. If your breasts do not get the right amount of support from your undergarments, they tend to droop, bounce and go to places where you don’t like them to go, such as your belly or underarms. Wearing The Right Bra Means Great Breast Support

If you are into sports, you should also remember to wear a sports bra. Exercising and other strenuous activities can put a strain on your bust that may result in sagging, stretching, and a couple of pulled ligaments. Sports bras are specifically designed to provide the utmost flexibility and maximum support, keeping your bust in shape and in place. Furthermore, the fabrics commonly used in this type of undergarment are breathable, which helps moisture and sweat stay outside the fabric. It must be stressed that you need to wear a sports bra every time you indulge in extreme physical activities and sports.

Best Style For Your Cup Size

Large Bust

For women who were endowed by nature with big and full breasts, you need to wear a bra that has wide back and shoulder straps so that you will get the highest support. It would also be advisable to steer away from half cups because these might give an appearance of you having four breasts. A full cup, on the other hand, gives enough coverage and helps make your breasts look shapelier. A bra with an underwire is also appropriate for you.

Small Chest

For a curvy shaped, slightly lifted, and gorgeous neckline, a woman with a small bust should choose a balcony-type bra. To give the appearance of cleavage, half cups with padding beneath and at the sides of the bust should be worn.

Wearing the right type of bra is really important in enhancing your appearance and even taking care of your health. For women who are small-chested, there are many types of bras that give added pads and support in the right places to give you more shape without sacrificing support.

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